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Storage Box Management System

  Most professional firms across the country send their old files to off site storage facilities for archival purposes.  Once they reach this location, it is very difficult to accurately track and manage these files.  By storing historical, useless information, companies are incurring unnecessary costs which can be eliminated.   Firms can also cause legal issues by not following their own retention policy.  Also, firms keep track of their off site storage manually, on either index cards or paper lists, making it extremely cumbersome to control.

So, we decided to provide an inexpensive solution to this problem.  Not only can your firm save time but money too by using our automated Storage Box Management System.   This will also allow firms to organize their information so that it can be easily identified.

bulletA networkable Windows product that works with Windows XP, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10 compatible.
bulletInternet capable by using Microsoft Terminal Server or Citrix Server.
bulletEasy to use tabbed user interface.
bulletSupports multiple firm offices.
bulletSupports multiple storage locations.
bulletMaintains a master client list.
bulletEliminates unnecessary costs by having information easily accessible.
bulletFiles can be quickly extracted and easy to locate.
bulletTracks destroy dates for easy disposal of obsolete information.
bulletDesigned to easily handle managing your firm's retention policy.
bulletHighly flexible reports and very extensive filtering capabilities.
bulletPricing is based on number of maximum number of boxes tracked:
bullet500 Box license $40, 1000 Box license $80, Unlimited Box license $150
bulletPlus applicable sales tax.
bullet30 day free trial.


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